Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: I can’t make it every week, is that OK?

A: A: Racers are not required to race every week, however to be eligible for awards from the weekly race series, you must complete at least 5 races. To compete in the Championships as the end of the season, you need to participate in at least 4 weekly races.

Q: How many runs do I get?

A: Each race consists of two runs on the same course.

Q: Is the race a combined time?

A: No, you will receive the best of your two times for that given race as your “Final” time.

Q: Do I need previous racing experience?

A: No, our league varies in ability from beginner to expert. No previous racing experience is required.

Q: Are helmets required?

A: Yes, all racers should wear a helmet

Q: Do I need any race specific equipment?

A: No, while some racers choose to purchase specific skis and other equipment it is not required. You are required to wear a helmet however.

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