Connecticut Industrial Ski Council


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Where is CISC racing?

A: CISC racing is at Ski Sundown in New Hartford and Mount Southington in Southington.

Q: How long is the season and when is it?

A: CISC races take place starting at 7pm on Tuesday nights in January and February, starting on the first Tuesday (unless the first Tuesday is January 1st, in which case races will start on the 2nd Tuesday).

Q: Do I have to know how to race?

A: No, our league varies in ability from beginner to expert. No previous racing experience is required.

Q: I can’t make it every week, is that OK?

A: Racers are not required to race every week, however to be eligible for awards from the weekly race series, you must complete at least 5 races. To compete in the Championships as the end of the season as a member of your team’s Championship team, you need to participate in at least 4 weekly races.

Q: Is the race a combined time?

A: No, you will receive the best of your two times for that given race as your “Final” time.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The season race fee is $40 to join a team. You are then responsible for your lift ticket purchase.
Looking for a discount on your lift ticket? Ski Sundown has a mid-week 12 pack available. They also offer as a Savings Card, which provides discounted tickets for all tickets.

Q: How many runs do I get?

A: Each race consists of two runs on the same GS course.

Q: Do I need any race specific equipment?

A: No, while some racers choose to purchase specific skis and other equipment, race equipment is not required. It is strongly recommend to wear a helmet and certain ski areas require a helmet to ski or race.

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